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Old-Fashioned Straight-Razor Shaves

Great Haircuts & Shaves
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If you’re passionate about keeping your hair trim and well kept, it’s important to find a barber you can trust. HD Star Barber Shop offers haircuts and shaves that are a cut above the rest. From your son’s first fade to a shape-up before a special event, our Morristown, TN, team has you covered.

Full-Service Men’s Cuts

If you’re trying to make the right impression, ensure every hair is in place. Whether you’re searching for the perfect high-top fade or you want to chop your luxurious locks for a more refined look, we do it all. All of our haircuts are tailored to your needs and personal style.

Men’s & Boys’ Haircuts




Facial Hair Services

Beard Grooming

Exceptional Personal Grooming Services

If you’ve already gotten your haircut taken care of, it might be time to focus on everything else below your hairline. Our team offers straight-razor shaves, beard trims, and all of the services you need to put your best face forward. 

Kind & Patient Children’s Barbers

HD Star Barber Shop knows that getting your child in the chair can be difficult. Our team will make your kid’s haircut as pleasant as possible. By keeping them entertained and treating them with caring hands, we’ll get you out the door with a happy, and exceptionally stylish, little one.

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At HD Star Barber Shop, our team will always go above and beyond to keep you happy. By offering a 10 percent discount to military, police, and senior citizens, we want to show you that we care about your business. Reach out to us today to learn about how to get your 10th haircut for free.

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